faceStewart Bremner is a illustrator and graphic designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has fourteen years experience, in print and digital media. His work combines creative flair with a high level of attention to detail.

He is currently up to his ears campaigning for Scottish independence.

What can he do? Stewart has a wide range of skills, honed during his twelve years as a professional graphic designer. His particular area of expertise is magazine design, where he has created and worked on titles across the publishing spectrum. In addition to this, he has a good eye for and has worked in branding, photography and illustration. Stewart also has a working knowledge of photo research, image enhancement, print production and web design.

Lone wolf or team player? Mostly Stewart has worked as part of a team in a range of roles, from designer through to project manager. However he also is more than able to take on a project single-handed and has done so on many occasions.

How does he do it? Stewart is a fast and efficient worker. He is used to working to tight deadlines, often in the pursuit of vague briefs. Last minute changes are all part of his job and long hours tend to be the rule, not the exception. No matter the circumstances, Stewart will always finish the job on time, professionally and to an exacting high standard.

In his own words: Good design is a blend of creativity and a high attention to detail.